Where can you take a 5-year-old?
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February 2, 2000
I've been trying to find someplace close to snowboard that accommodates children. Any suggestions?
February 2, 2000
I am not sure if there are many places "locally" that include 5 year olds in group lessons or programs. I do know that Ski Liberty will teach children under age 8 to snowboard in Private Lessons. Just give them a call to set something up.
February 2, 2000
I put my then 4 year old daughter in a day long ski-wee program at Whitetail 2 years ago. It was very successful. It was for skiing not snowboarding.

I was just hoping that my daughter would enjoy the experience (that was the main goal). She loved it. Since I was a green skier at the time, I was around the entire day. By the middle of the first day, she was skiing down the beginner hill (albeit with the instructor skiing backwards bent over holding her tips, well worth every penny). By the end of the day, she could ski the hill.

I acknowledge that I speak out of ignorance for I don't snowboard, yet (probably 3-4 years before my daughter is interested). However, I would think that skiing may be easier to learn especially for a 4-5 year-old because of the more natural feet positioning (please don't flame me.)

February 2, 2000
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Ski Liberty has a Children's Learning Center for children age 7 or under. I don't know about snowboarding, but I have seen plenty of five year old kids in the Liberty program. Be sure to call and get details before you go up, you may have to make a reservation. The CLC has been filling up fast on weekends. Also, do not expect to get a children's lesson at Liberty after 4 in the afternoon.

A lot of work goes into making these kids programs as successful as they can be. I have personally taught kids younger than 5 to ski, but how well the child does is very dependent on the child. A timid five year old with seperation anxiety is a very different case than an independent and adventurous kid. I am not being judgemental here, it is just that every kid is different and some are ready at five while others are not.

jack kendrick
February 3, 2000
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I posted this message prior to registration under winterpark. Thank you all for your quick replies. I agree that skiing probably is more natural for a 5-year-old, and as someone who didn't ski until junior high school, I always envied the people who started skiing at 5 or 6. The intent was to take my daughter skiing, but she saw "Johnny Tsunami," a Disney movie about a surfer-turned-snowboarder, and then, it had to be snowboarding. As a skateboarder, I'd rather ride sideways, too. Anyway, thanks for the help. It's great to have a resource like this message board to get such helpful advice so quickly. The good thing is that my daugther is very strong, very fearless and very coordinated.
February 6, 2000
I have taught both my kids to ski at Hidden Valley in Pennsylvania. They have a great kids program...private lessons or group. This year they just introduced a kids learning center with a magic carpet that is great for kids. I promised my six year old we would try snowboard lessons on Presidents weekend. Thought I would give it a try also!I am told by the instructors at Hidden Valley to plan for a 2 hour lesson the first time. I'll let you know.. Good luck with your daughter.

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