Tremblant - Labor Strike
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December 24, 2005
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Hopefully this post is for not, for those planning a trip

Just returned from Tremblant and a word of caution, the mtn is in the middle of a labor strike. The union voted to go on strike last Saturday. It started out as a twenty-four hour strike, however come last Thursday they were still out. Talking to some of the locals, the union has put some 300 items on the list and have not prioritized issues. I herd they are asking for a 45% pay increase(already highest paid mtn work force in the area) so this could go on for awhile.

The village is pretty much shut down, only a few bars and shops open. North face, Burton, etc, the good shops are closed. Being the village is a big part of the experience , it kills the off slope fun.

As far as the mtn goes, the snow is great. Little of everything is open from green thru single black, double blacks are not. Yet if your willing to walk and bring rock boards you could run some doubles, not many patrols out. As far as the lifts go, only two are up and running, one south one north. The management who are operating the lifts are doing the best they can, but I didn't have a ride that didn't stop once. I had a 20 min delay half way up the south side in the gondola . North side, my wife and sons had to bused to the village after riders had to evacuated from the Duncun express.

We stayed in a house, so the strike didn't impact us. I was told the hotels were having problems, no service.

So if you have a trip in the works, call one of the shops (burton north face) and see if they are open or get the status, I think they would give you a true update. Central reservations didn't say boo to us as we check in nor were they saying anything to folks checking in as we check out. Still a good time, but not the experience some folks might be paying for.

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