Holiday Valley NY 12/22/05
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December 23, 2005
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We took our first day trip of the year to Holiday Valley. As always, the Lake Erie snow belt came through. The entire area except for the Eagle / Raven trail net was open and they were promising it for Friday. Coverage was excellent on the snowmaking trails and good to very good on natural trails. The glades probably had about 1-1/2 feet total base plus fluff and were very skiable- in fact we probably spent half our time in them- Devils Glen and the ones next to the Tannebaum chair. Other unmarked glades didn't have much evidence of skiing- probably since they aren't cleared like the marked glades. The Yodeler chair trails had excellent coverage and only a couple of icy spots in the normal places. Crowds were amazingly non-existent for a holiday period.
December 24, 2005
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Crowds were amazingly non-existent for a holiday period.

Be patient.... they will come (starting 12/26)

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