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December 21, 2005
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Anyone have any advice on which tubing hill is better? Liberty or Whitetail? Have a group coming in for the holidays and thought that might make a fun outing. Which is bigger, faster, less crowded ect.... I couldnt really tell from the websites which one looked faster/longer/bigger for the $$;)
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December 21, 2005
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A few years ago I wouldn't have had a clue. I viewed them as totally irrelevant to my ski hill happiness, but in the last two years I've tried snowtubing at Wisp (great) and The Homestead (smaller). There is no doubt that they add to ski area profits and are a good draw for the grade school set and non-skiers. Massanutten has a good tubing park. You can clearly see the one at Liberty when skiing the backside of the mtn. It seems pretty squared away and has it's own, new lodge bldg. Don't know about Whitetail's, someone else should be able to comment.

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