TR - Massanutten 12/17-18/2005
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December 19, 2005
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Well, I just got back from my first of many weekends at Massanutten.

First, the conditions. This is probably some of the best early season conditions I've seen at the place. All, but two trails (Diamond Jim and Upper Dixie Dare (the bump run) were opened. Hopefully, they'll get those last two trails opened within the week or two.

During the day, the snow skied very well, especially once the sun got on it to soften it up. Was able to get carve some nice turns. Paradice had some sweet rollers that built up from the snowmaking, which made it a lot of fun to ski. It was almost like riding a roller coaster. However, over time, as they groom out the slope, the rollers will eventually be flatted down. Bummer, though, as it was a lot of fun to ski it with the rollers.

Rebel Yell and Mass Transit skied very nice during the weekend, with good base and plenty of snow. Unfortunatly, as the evening came about and the sun set, things did firm up and got pretty fast. Made for some pretty challenging skiing, though.

Crowdwise, the place was practically empty for a weekend. The lifts had very little wait, including the quad that goes up Southern Comfort (Lift #4). The quad that goes up the two expert runs (Lift 6) was ski-on. The one going up Rebel Yell (Lift 5) had maybe a skier or two wait to get on. Lift 3 (the one going up the beginner slope, Geranimo) had the longest wait, but even that was not more than a minute or two.

Overall, it was an excellent day of sking at the 'Nut. I do wish the place had a bit more terrain, and hopefully, they will eventually add more, but overall, it is a fun ski area that is definitly worth a visit at least once.

Lastly, the water park officially opened Monday (Today) 12/19/2005. Next time I am up there, I'll have to go check it out and report back here.

In the interest of discloser, I'll admit that I am a member of the ski patrol there at Massanutten, but I want to try to be objective here. I'll have to fully admit, say what you want about the area itself, but Massanutten does have an excellent ski patrol that I have very much been enjoying working with.

If anybody is going to Massanutten, let me know, as I'd like to get a chance to actually meet some of you folks. I do plan on skiing at Seven Springs the day after Christmas, though.

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