Getting to SNOWSHOE from Glen Burnie?
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December 19, 2005
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Yep it's that time o' the year again...

Who's got the best/quicket route to SNOWSHOE from the GlenBurnie area?

The SNOWSHOE site says to huck down 70W but I'm dounbtful. I did a search, but with roadchanges and whatnot I didn't see any thing difinitive.

Anybody? Thanks,

December 19, 2005
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I've been going from Ellicott City for a number of years and have tried a few routes:

1. 70 W, cut the corner through Charlestown (314 I think), 81 South, 55, to 28 through Cass

2. Same as above but use a route through Harrisonburg, through Monteray, then up through Cass.

3. All the way out 70/68 to 219 down through Elkins.

Of the three I really like option 1 the best, especially with a few more stretches of Corridor H open. I will say that if you never done the drive (and even if you have) that it is much easier to do in the daylight.
December 20, 2005
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Quoting an old vermont/NE saying "You cant get there from here"
December 20, 2005
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Ho Boy! There is no easy way from anywhere to the shoe. I used to be a weekend warrior there and tried all. It depends upon the road conditions though. If it's clear sailing, I agree that the "back" way through cass is the quickest, not easiest.
December 21, 2005
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Own a place at the Shoe. Tried EVERY route, North (worst weather) down, South (worst roads) up, Harrisonburg, White Sulphur Springs, etc. Settled on ONE route doing 10 years of trips (best compromise) - 81 to Strasburg,/55W to Seneca Rocks/28 down to Cass and over to Snowshoe. 'Course, don't care how many millions Intrawest puts into it - there's still no way to get there! Two weeks ago, 2 carloads we expected abandoned the trip at Seneca Rocks and Smoke Hole - couldn't make it any further that day (weather/conditions). Forget it at all without 4-wheel (and not a yuppie one)...and at that, one rode the guardrail around one of the "25 mph" turns !!! Uh oh - had to call MACCO (put the body man's kid through 1 year of college!!!).

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