Massanutten vs. Whitetail??
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December 17, 2005
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Looking for some beta on the Nutt. Both are about the same distance from my house, and I've been going to Whitetail a lot. Have not been to Massanutten. What's the advanced, usable vertical like there compared to Whitetail?

Their listed vert of 1000' is higher, but how does it actually ski? Is that quad serving the expert terrain at Nutt a detachable?

December 17, 2005
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I've done both and have done Whitetail quite often. I would say that whitetail has some more challenging terrain in the back side, which is served by a non detach lift. They have a detach lift in the front serving some blue runs where you can log on lots of vertical in short amount of time. If I recall the lift at Mass serving the expert is also non detachable and overall the lifts seem less efficient. The mountain at Mass is also broken up more in that you need to go on some slow lifts to get to the mid mountain lifts, so the lower vertical is less useful. With that said, Mass has more of a resort feel to it vs the day tripper feel at Whitetail. Also, the lounge that Mass serves booze which you will not find at WT, if that matters to you.
December 17, 2005
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I've never been to Whitetail and only been to Mass once which was last year. I will say that its alot of fun with the top 2 black diamond runs open. Their main lift that accesses all the blue trails gives you some nice trails to work with too including the black diamond bump run. Its really a neat place. You can get a feel for the effective vertical just looking at the trial map. I'd guess 700' on the 2 blacks at the top maybe. They have a good consistent pitch and some neat turns and dropoffs here and there so they're pretty fun. I'd compare them to Upper Cupp and Shay at Snowshoe down to where the crossover is.
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December 17, 2005
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Camp, the quad at Mass is not detachable, otherwise it's about same length as hsq at Whitetail. Massanutten is a little smaller than Whitetail in trail count. At white you got about 8 trails from top of hsq and expert's choice chairs, at mass you got about 5 from top of quad and rebel yell chairs. The ~1100' vert is spread out over a longish and someteimes crowded flat at bottom, so the decent continuous vert at the quad chair and at the rebel yell chair are around 800 and 700 respectively. they are not quite as steep as a run like Exhibition at Whitetail, but almost, and those of the Mass quad may be a little longer.
Mass let's one trail bump up like Bold Dec (at
whitetail), but steep bumpy part is not as long as bd. above discussion based on "all slopes open" conditions. mass can be crowded like whitetail on weekends, but the quad area is never too bad even at 2pm on a saturday, but it's only two trails. weekend night skiing at mass is probably a little less busy than whitetail. I'd say for variety, give mass a try sometime when all trails are open. they are very strong in the snowmaking dept like most ski areas in our region.
December 18, 2005
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I have been to Mass quite a bit and I would agree with Jim. Go if you have never been just to see it and make your own decision but I think that you will find a new appreciation for WT after you go. If both are the same distance you will get better skiing and more trails at WT then you will find at Mass.......but they do server booze there so thats an added bonus.

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