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December 16, 2005
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hello...Last year a friend of mine give me his skis since he is unable to ski anymore... I'm not sure if they are appropriate for me so here goes:

Rossignol Brand...
On top it is a light blue color with 7 S Kevlar printed on it...also "endorsed" by USA Alpine Team
On the bottom there is a VAS R9000 imprint....

these do not even look like the "shaped" skis that I've been using when renting... Fat on front..narrow in the back... skill level I would say "ski very well at the blues...can handle some diamonds"...

I hope this is enough info for you...what I need to know whether or not these skis are appropriate for me...

I only ski maybe 4-5 times a year and would hate to waste a day using these skis if its not appropriate..

December 16, 2005
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rats ... and I just threw out all my old equipment reviews from SKI mag!

As I recall, the Rossi 7S with VAS was an early 90's ski. It came in a few varients but they were all straight-cut (not shaped) skis. The "S" desgnation means it was generally regarded as a salom ski. I think Rossi has recently introduced the VAS concept of rubber lobes to reduce vibrations.

Hey they were nice skis in the 90's! You'll probably have quite a bit of fun with them!
December 16, 2005
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1) Make sure that the binding isn't some ancient relic no shop will work on.

2) The last of the teal was in like '96 so be aware instructors won't allow/wish you to take lessons on them.

3) They are REALLY GOOD on ice for a straight ski.
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