Best Bets for lodging in the Valley
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December 13, 2005
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Where would you guys say the best place to stay in Canaan would be for a couple of college students looking to save some dough. Also, looking for a place where we could throw a few beers back at the end of the day....any suggestions? Only places I have ever stayed up there are the state parks and I'm trying to hit up college days at timberline this weekend.
December 13, 2005
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With a half decent tent, a good sleeping bag and an electric heater (don't forget the extension cord), the campground at CV state park is by far the cheapest thing going. (Turn the heat off while you sleep to avoid incinerating yourself ) The rest rooms are heated and you even get to use the indoor pool! Next cheapest is probably the lodge rooms, then the hotel rooms in Davis....
December 13, 2005
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Check on the bunkhouse lodging at tline. I was down there last year with a few friends over break and only planned on a day trip, but after a good snow and great skiing it turned into a 2 day trip . I think it was $15 per person and we had the whole room with bathroom and microwave. We talked to the group services desk to get the room. As far as drinks we hung out at the bar at tline then stumbled back across the lot to the bunkhouse(its fairly close). It was a pretty good deal and we will probally end up staying there again this year.

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