Snow in Canaan? How Much?????
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December 9, 2005
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Hey All,

Awoke to 7" in the yard today here in Carlisle, PA.

Looking at the T-line & WG sites, they're reporting only 4ish inches of fresh

Did the valley get skunked?

Really wanna ski tomorrow, but doesn't look like the local hills, Roundtop or Whitetail will have much open. Roundtop had Minuteman and Fife open last night, I didn't bother gearing up to fight the hords for laps on MM. My skis took a beating on some thin spots at WG last wknd, and not sure if I want a repeat of that.

T-line maybe, if the steep stuff gets opened, I imagine crowds will be kinda light.....How have the crowds been at 7 Springs? Imagine holiday shopping is still a distraction for the masses.......

What's a fella to do?

December 9, 2005
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That sounds about right. All the NWS stations in that area are reporting 2-5" (including Snowshoe, Davis and Canaan). I'm guessing there was a good bit of ice mixed in with that.
December 9, 2005
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It's SNOWING now!!! It's 10:25 am and the web cam shows a good amount coming down...
johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
December 9, 2005
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White Grass web site said 3 to 4 inches. From looking at the Timberline web site (picnic tables in front of lodge) at sunrise, that seems about right.
December 9, 2005
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I feel your pain man! These teaser storms are killin me! I was looking forward to getting my first day in at WG on Saturday. I'm thinking it's probably not worth the drive. The C'Ville crew will have an official roundtable discussion tonight, but I think it's looking like we're gonna go local at Wintergreen. Let us know what you decide.

December 9, 2005
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As the day goes on, it looks less likely that I'll be at WG. I'd go poke around the local forest, but high power rifle for Bambi is still <in> through Saturday, scarey.

If I travel at all, probably to 7 Springs.....
Next week's forecast does look good for the Valley, daily dustings and cold, so next wknd could be really good.

December 9, 2005
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I measured 5.2" so far here in Davis. Had a lot of sleet mixed in and for a while it was all sleet and freezing rain. Liquid amount was over an inch, so its a very firm snow that I'm not used to around here. With this snow and the several inches that were on the ground before the storm I'm surprised Whitegrass is not going full throttle!

More snow coming Sunday Monday and Tuesday
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