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December 7, 2005
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hey folks sorry I have been all quiet-like! Looks like you all have a lot to discuss now that the season is picking up (oooohh yeah!).

In general out here in UT we have been one month behind in snowfall compared to the last two years but it has pretty much gotten back on track as of today.

Little/Big Cottonwood Canyon resorts are all doing well as of today. Road was closed into Little yesterday due to Avi and snowfall. Everybody got 12"-18" today and about the same on Sunday.

Park City is doing well they got about 5" less than Big/Little . Most everything is open and bases are in the 40-50" range.

Me personally? I skied on Sunday the 4th, Tues the 6th and today the 8th at The Canyons... Sunday was brutal 9-10 degree F. temps I have frost-nip on my face where my goggles froze to my cheeks but decent dump. Tues. the 6th GR8T dump got lots of powder skiing but Tombstone Life was busted ... (hee hee see next comment) but snowed at least 14 inches. Today Wed the 7th I knew after 24 hours of barfin' outside everything to skier's right of the Tombstone lift would be aweseome b/c that whole side was shut down.

So today I got lucky .... after a skier-cross at 50 MPH to beat everyone to Tombstone I was in the first 40 to load and the first 30 to load on Ninety-nine 90 (ten minus ten lol) and it was truely awesome first run completely untracked step skiing in about 20" of settled powder (flipped over once b/c I tried to turn too hard too fast too short radius). Second run I was the fourth guy into the just opened North Face all alone bliss biss bliss ...

game on!
December 7, 2005
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Dang it Crush...couldn't you have waited til after we have skied out our "measly" 12"'s we are hoping for to post your....cronicles!??!! your "Crushing" us!
December 7, 2005
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Way to go brother, tombstone cuts your mountain in half, good plan, dreamscape open yet? Let me appologize now for my upcoming absence .

So it begins

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