Info about Allround Carving.... help me !!
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October 31, 2003
i'm loocking for buy a pair of allround carving, and i'm debating between:

Volkl V3
Head IC 180

I'm a good skier, but i don't love speed... i want only a good ski !
Some people suggested me for Volkl... but if you have tried Head IC 180, i'm
interested to your impressions..

Sorry for my english, i'm italian !!

Any suggestion...?

Thanks !!

Bye !!

October 31, 2003
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I have a pair of K2 Patriots 183's that I love.

They are somewhat geared towards the novice and a bit short - but they are a great pair of skis and great carving sticks!

November 1, 2003
I ski on 180cm K2 Axis X and I love them. I demo'd quite a few and found this ski to be as smooth a Lexus. They are in the 'all mountain' category. If you want sonething a little stiffer, you could try the Axis XP which has a sheet of titanium. I would suggest the you demo before you buy because I was originally going to buy a Salamon Xscream Series but found them to like butter knives on hard pack when I demo'd them.
November 3, 2003
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Snowsmith I bought the K2 Axis X this year also. You're right, they are as smooth as a lexus. I did try some Head Monsters and really liked them but they are a bit heavier and probably work better on deep powder.

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