Sugarloaf 11/25
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November 26, 2005
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One word: EPIC!!! It had to be the best Sugarloaf skiing I have ever had (and I've been skiing the 'Loaf for six years!). There were three lifts open, Superquad, Spillway West and Double Runner East. Every trail off of those lifts were open; I did not see a rope closing off a trail at all yesterday! 12 inches of the natural kind meant there was free reign all over the mountain. That's not to say that all lifts were open. Accessing those trails off of the closed lifts was near impossible (unless you hiked, which is what some people did). Except for the snowfields up top, I'd say the entire mountain was skiable yesterday.

I ended up getting ten runs in a little over four hours. Liftlines were non-existent; I just took my sweet @$$ time in the powder! It was tough at first, this Mid-Atlantic skiier was not used to soo much powder! After the first few runs, I was definitely comfortable and ready to attack all the powder. If you know Sugarloaf, Tote Road is one of their marquee runs and labled as a blue. It was all natural, definitely skiable but wicked tough. It was a black yesterday with all the new stuff!

The natural snow is so much more fun to ski in/on! I loved hitting Gondi and nat'd out!

I don't think I've ever seen Sugarloaf open this much this early. I took a day off today but will be there again tomorrow! Another few inches is expected tonight!

The season is here!
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November 26, 2005
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Something tells me this is going to be a good weather year for Eastern skiing. I hope that extends to mid-Atlantic skiing.
Here's a link to some recent photos from the Sugarloaf ME website:
November 27, 2005
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Had to go again today! It was still amazing. It was easy to find some powder stashes. I brought some old high school friends with me this time but they stuck to Boardwalk while I was looking for pow pow on Hayburner, Cribworks and the like. Tote Road was groomed but it was very very chunky. I didn't like it at all. The natural trails were still amazing! I wish I stuck more around those trails rather than playing babysitter with my friends. It was still nice to ski with them though....

You know, with the wicked wet fall that the East Coast has had, will this mean a wet winter as well? Let's hope it stays cold enough to snow! All the rivers up here are at spring run off levels! Pretty amazing.
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