Finally Talked to Someone at CV
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November 25, 2005
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They had some problems with the lift today and are not opening. They "say" that they will open tomorrow, but only 3 greens in the beginner triangle area (nothing from the top of Weiss Knob). They claim a base of 24-36 inches. People should certainly call ahead before making the drive.

It would be nice if they could keep everyone updated via their web site, but I suppose that would require customer service--something that seems to be sorely lacking at Guest Services. As I said earlier, the snow report module does not seem to work. They should change it soon.

Also, I am now beginning to appreciate Timberline's approach: "don't make any big promises, and stick to the planned calendar."
November 25, 2005
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You mean to tell me, with over a foot of snow up there, they wont even run a lift to the top of the mountain and open up one top to bottom run?

Whats the point of opening up the 3 bunny slopes...They at least need one top to bottom...or at least a mid to bottom open this weekend...I was plannin on sunday...but if someone could post a trip report from CV saturday evening would really be helpful..
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