Seven Springs New Trailmap
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November 19, 2005
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Seven Springs posted their new trail map online. There are only a few changes on it. It shows the new Yodeler trail which according to the map goes all the way from the top to the bottom of the mountain. They did this by making the old blue Turtleneck trail a black. The turtleneck trail was that really narrow trail that was just to the skiers left of Gunner. The map also shows the new terrain park on Giant Steeps but it doesn't show the new surface lift that was put in with that park. Also new to the map is the Great Western trail. This is just that little trail that goes along the top of Great Western Territory that we have been staring at for the last few years. The Turtleneck ext. trail is now called Yodeler Bypass. Little Bolder trail which was never on the trail map but was on the snow report is now on the trail map. The little trail at the bottom of Lost Boy that cut off towards the North Pole Lift is now named the Lost Boy Bypass. The top part of Giant Bolder that came from the North Face Lift side is now names Northwest Passage. Total trail count is now up to 35 according to the new map. The Southwind development is shown on this map as well but none of the trails or the lift that goes with it have been added to the map.

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