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Mountain Masher
November 18, 2005
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I was passing through the area, so I drove up to the top of Blue Knob today. There wasn't any activity and the new large snowmaking pond did NOT have water in it (other than a VERY small amount of water near the dam). Fortunately, the other 2 snowmaking ponds were filled with a fair amount of water; but, keep in mind that these are rather small ponds. Given what I saw, I would say that there will not be any noticable changes to the skiing at BK this season.
November 19, 2005
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Mountain Masher,

How long ago did they finish construction of the new pond? If they had to rush to finish it recently maybe they haven't gotten a chance to fill it up yet. Also is it possible that it has to pass some test before it can be fully filled. I would think that being a dam there would be some kind of government inspection before it could be filled. If that is the case then couldn't it be possible that it hasn't passed this inspection yet. Basically what I am saying is there could be many reasons for the pond not being filled yet and it is still too early to say nothing has changed at BK yet.
November 20, 2005
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Did you see any evidence of snowmaking?
November 20, 2005
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All I know is that I am praying for snow and ready to hit The King (as I call BK) b/c it has the best terrain in the region. BK with Canaan's snow would be epic.
November 28, 2005
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I'd sure like to get there this year myself. Checked their website today, couldn't find their tentative opening date anywhere, but they did remind me that there's 31 shopping days til christmas.

Anyone know if they made snow last week?

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