Tragedy: Cabin on the Sods
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October 12, 2003
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Well, for years the Forest Service has been trying to remove the last remaining hunting cabin in Dolly Sods. Finally they've done it.

After completing a hike this past weekend from Raven Ridge down to the cabin site and back up the Harmon Jeep Trail, and speaking with a group of backpackers in the area, I bring hikers of the Sods upsetting news: the cabin and its spring are gone.

Appearantly the President's Day snowstorm of 03 took its toll on the shanty... the roof and supporting beams collapsed under the massive amount of snow. The FS has since come in, removed any non-burnables, pulled out the spring (why?), and torched the place. All that is left are the stones that made up the cabin's foundation and the pathway to the door (also stone). Nothing else remains, and from the Harmon Jeep Trail side, the path to the cabin has been blocked with brush and logs.

The shocking fact is that the burning must have occured within the past month. Tire tracks are present on the jeep trail leading to the cabin, and the trail is muddy and worn out by these tread marks. Also, none of the burned materials have drifted away yet, and are still grouped in their cluster.

I guess we should all just be thankful that nobody was injured in the collapse.

October 15, 2003
Man, sorry to hear that they finally burned it. I was just by there about a month ago and didn't stop to see what was left. A buddy of mine camped there a while back. They cleaned up as much as they could and carried out a lot of the stuff they donated to the cabin. Here are some pics of the cabin's last days. <> It looked like a stage set once they were done. Just walls and a floor. Sad

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