Catch of the Day - Veteran's Day Tribute
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November 10, 2005
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Here's my Veteran's Day tribute to skiing soldiers.

Joint winter operations, US and Japan ski troops:
Hopefully, they fight better than they ski:
Back in the '60s and 70's I used to see many reserve and national guard troops train at Blue Knob, PA. For many troops those winter weekend drills were their first time on skis.
Interesting winter shot from US troops participating in UN peacekeeping action in Lebanon:
Break time for Marines during cold weather ops in Norway:
Marines practicing ski maneuvers at Mammoth Mtn, CA, note swarm of recreational skiers on same trail:
This one says it all, Happy Veteran's Day to all the skiing Vets out there:

The US military, particularly the Army's 10th Mountain Div, had a very strong influence on the history of skiing in America. Founded during WWII and specializing in mountain and winter warfare, many of the 10th's initial group of enlistees were ski pioneers and woodsmen. They went on to start or manage 60+ ski areas (such as Vail, Aspen, Crystal Mtn, Sugarbush, Whiteface), ski magazines, and the National Ski Patrol. The 10th Mountain Division has seen action recently in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The 10th Mountain Division today:

Here are a few links relating to the history of America's skiing soldiers:

Ski and Tell

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