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October 12, 2003
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Well, I've officially joined the ranks of the helmet-owning (and soon to be wearing) ski/boarding population. Got a Boeri helmet at Ski Center when I was checking out new skis today. Too late to prevent the existing dain-brammage but hopefully will prevent occurences...

It took a surprising amount of trial and error to find a bucket to fit my over-sized mal-formed noggin. Think Lyle Lovett without the big hair. (Or without Julia ).

Hit the ski stores early in the season to get the best service. Even on a sunny October Sunday afternoon with the Skins playing, I still had to wait a bit to get the time of a salesperson. If you do buy a helmet, get the advice of a salesperson. I learned a lot about proper fit.

October 13, 2003
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I really like Boeri; the padding is far superior and warmer than Giro/Leedom/Briko. I did, however, have quite some trouble getting my older (but still helmet-compatible) goggles to fit.

Helmet-compatible refers to having the strap come out of the front corner of the goggle instead of closer to the face. The problem I had is that different helmets had more or less forehead exposure, and the Boeri would knock my goggles down the nose.

Moral to story: bring your current goggles to the fitting. Don't expect to be able to wear sunnies unless the temples are very soft.

October 14, 2003
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For goggles you might want to check out Oakley. I have a 2 yr old pair of A frames whose strap was getting very frayed and stretched from my helmet. I went to replace it and found that this year Oakley has come out with a substitute strap especially made for helmets. It's longer, thicker and has rubber welting to help it stay in place. The attachment system is such that the strap is held farther away from the face in order to fit better on the helmet. It's a whole lot more comfortable and secure.

Also I heard that some manufacturer was coming out with a goggle lens that changes color. This would make it easier to ski day or night, in any light situation without having to change lenses. Does anyone know who the manufacturer is as I would love to have some goggles I could see with in any conditions?

October 14, 2003
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OOOO, an unscratched pair of A-frames!

Bolle makes a phototrophic lens; check - No Bolle has fit my face since the Alien so I can't offer an opinion.

More interesting to me is the concept of a night-only ski goggle. Scott has a "Night Amplifier" lens available; the pic I saw has a blue-looking lens.

Or, more easily:

Anyone know much about these?

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October 15, 2003
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Thanks for the goggle/sunglass tips. I had such a difficult time getting a proper helmet-alone fit that the goggle/sunglass fit will have to be solved by buying new pairs, if needed. Only two helmets in Ski Center's entire stock fit, one of which would require tweaking the fit using additional padding that came with the helmet.

My existing goggles are 10 years old so buying a new pair is probably overdue. I will bring in my helmet when I shop for goggles.

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