TR 7S 11/5-11-6 2005
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November 8, 2005
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I brought the digi cam and took some pics of the new trail and the cleared T-neck glades.

Hiking up from the front side:

Looking arround up top:

Looking at the new Yodeller trail:

Cloud Skiing:

Exploring T-neck Glades:

One More:
November 8, 2005
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Thanks for the photos. Does the new Yodeler trail seem to warrent a black diamond? (that's what it looks like on the sign in your photo)
November 8, 2005
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Well spotted, the rating is a black diamond on the sign. Photos never give a slope justice. The Yodeller trail shares the same slope as gunnar which is only about 50 yards to skiers right through some thick trees. The fall line on yodeler shitfs at least twice and it is a little more dog legged and funky and slightly narrower. Being narrower it will probabbly have better conditions than the rest of the north face which is more exposed to wind and sun. There is a natural valley which the trial turns right into that could give some really nice lines.

If they groom if out it will be similar to other trials on the north face. If they let the trial mogul up it will be a decent black diamond and a change of pace form the other north face slopes which are usually gromed. It could be a signature trial for the north face of the mountain. I want to see what they do with grooming and how much sun the trail gets in winter. --Tim
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