Utah in Feb?
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October 11, 2003
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I am currently planning a trip to Utah in Feb. I have skied there beore but only with the family which equals slope side loging. This time it's just me and my friend. I am wondering if anyone knows some cheap loding in the area and if we stay in SLC what's the transportation like to the resorts form there? Plan on 4 nights and want to ski Canyons, Alta, Snowbird.
October 11, 2003
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SLC is great for this. There is actually a city bus with ski racks that runs up into the canyons and I know you can bus to Alta, Snowbird and Brighton. I don't know the route exactly, but yiou can fid it..

You can find cheap places in SLC proper or in the burbs near the canyons. I have always stayed in Sandy or Draper when skiing in SLC and used the bus or a car to get up into the canyons.

You can find out a lot on the net about how to do this. SLC is very serious about promoting ski related tourism...

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October 12, 2003
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Agree with what Otto said. If you want to go rock-bottom in terms of cost, you can stay at a Motel 6 in SLC or in Ogden (just north of SLC). Or do a day at each as I've done. Ogden is convenient to Snowbasin (~30 minutes), and SLC is convenient to Atla, Snowbird and the Canyons. The Alta/Snowbird buses don't run on Sundays - Mormons, so I'd still recommend renting a car.

As you probably know, Alta/Snowbird & the Canyons are in different canyons, so staying near SLC is a good compromise (and the cheapest.)

October 13, 2003
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Another good place to stay which is close to both Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon is Midvale. We stayed right on Ft Union Blvd.
October 14, 2003
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"The Alta/Snowbird buses don't run on Sundays - Mormons, so I'd still recommend renting a car."

this isnt the first time i have seen someone mention this. and its not true. the sunday schedule is different, but the buses still run to the ski areas.



October 14, 2003
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All I can say is that in February of 2001 I waited for a long while (early/mid-morning) at one of the major parking lots @ which I've taken the shuttle on previous trips. After the delay I searched around for any schedule information which was posted at the stop - I found information listing the Mon-Fri & Sat schedules, but no info on the Sunday schedule. I tried other lots I was aware of, and they were pretty much empty. Looked like they were used by carpoolers only. (I was in a el cheapo rental and wasn't certain about being able to navigate the Canyon.) Wasted a lot of time that morning...

My personal recommendation, if you're relying on Sunday buses, plan ahead because the bus service is a lot different and a lot less convenient on Sundays.

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