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October 3, 2003
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I'm looking for help locating Timberline (Herz Mountain) on www.topozone.com. Unfortunately, the search engine requires exact matches and I'm not finding a hit. It's been 10+ years since I've been to Canaan Valley, so I'm having trouble remembering the roads, much less the topgraphic features.

Also, will Timberline management let you hike in the area prior to opening?

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October 3, 2003
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There are some Topo Maps posted on the White Grass site:


You should be able to pick out Herz Mt. on the Canaan Valley map.

Timberline does not mind if hikers use the Salamander trail as an access to Dolly Sods. Hike up Salamander past the North Face and the wiggle and then head straight into the woods as the trail makes its last 90 degree turn towards the summit. There's a Forest Service sign just beyond the Forest Service rd., and an easy access to the Stonecoal and Breathed Mountain Trails.

PS Snowmaking does not start until after Thanksgiving so up to that point, you should be ok.

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October 3, 2003
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This is mildly interesting...


October 3, 2003
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>> This is mildly interesting...

Nice! Looks like it wasn't a good snow year for Off the Wall...

October 4, 2003
timberline is located off state route 32 south of Davis, WV (32 begins in Thomas at a point where US219 turns to cross the blackwater river) and north of Harmon, WV(32 ends here at the intersection of SR33.
also look for Canaan Valley State Park Ski Area and Whitegrass Cross-Country Ski Touring Center. The three line up on the mountain (also called Cabin Mtn). or go the the web site of White Grass and you will find topos of the area showing white grass trails and they probably catch some of T'line. this is an extensive site - you will have to look for the maps. you can use certain trails of t'line to access the Sods. If all else fails, call Chip Chase at White Grass and he can tell you anything you need to know. cross country is a lot more fun than downhill, more freedoom, cheaper, more varied, quieter, friendlier, ski gear is safer (no locks needed at the racks) and the food at whitegrass cafe is the best anywhere. Best of luck, have fun in Canaan!

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