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Roger Z
October 27, 2005
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So here's the way things are shaping up for global warming:

* prolonged hurricane season causes Atlantic storms to move up coast and create massive blizzards in the interior, with snowfalls ranging up to four feet in late October and ski areas opening their doors (Wildcat) on natural snow bases prior to Nov 1;

* warmer Great Lakes that don't freeze over resulting in intensified downwind precipitation activity- since this often rides in on Arctic Clippers this means dryer and deeper snows for the Mid Atlantic in January and February

* Eventually Gulf Stream shuts down, resulting in nine month winters and Jackson Hole-like skiing in North Carolina.

So, what's the downside here? Just kidding- obviously there are big downsides to global warming. But, supposing all this is caused by global warming, aren't we Mid-Atlantic skiers caught in a rather paradoxical bind? I suppose if it gets warm enough it'll stop snowing, but until then...

Well, that's enough deep thoughts for the month. I'm off to tail-gate and kill more brain cells. GGGGGOOOOOO HOKIES!!!!!
October 27, 2005
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What the hell is a HOKIE?
October 27, 2005
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Roger Z, just wait for the melt&flood season to start, oh, lateish February m'be sooner. I wouldn't want to live on the Potomac or Rapahannock this season without like 17 sump pumps.
October 27, 2005
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aren't they similar to a Wascally Wolverine?
October 27, 2005
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Heather, a Hokie, i think, is a great big turkey that doesn't taste good, or maybe they don't have good taste ....that part always confused me. Roger must be a hokie to start a thread on GLOBAL WARMING and then run off to party.
October 27, 2005
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I always thought a Hokie was a turkey that had its manhood rudely removed with a sharp object.
October 27, 2005
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I think we will all be long dead(even the youngest cohort which I am on this board) by the time global warming means no more winters. I like the prospect of no gulf stream. Really if someone had nuclear Device large enough, it might be possialbe to help that current stopping.
October 27, 2005
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4wd electric cars would beat the pants off of any fossil fueled vehicle... isn;t that reason enough to ditch the oil?
Roger Z
October 27, 2005
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Let us not forget, gentlemen, that it was Benjamin Franklin himself- founder of the Untopic, advocate of Moonshine Mountain, and general ski fanatic (unbeknowest to most historians these facts)- who argued that the national bird should be the turkey, not the eagle.

Tune into ESPN tonight to find out why.
October 27, 2005
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One thing i did notice professer,was a plume of cold air that had been tempered by the warm lakes & was actually raising temps up in the mountains even though the sun was going down. The initial storm had enough spin to bring down cold air from above but after it left,the nw flow left over turned everyone over to rain except the highest elevations. The next cold surge over the lakes hopefully will be cold enough to really dump on the mountains.10 days before T-Giving would be good timing!
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