TR Hidden Valley 10/24/05
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October 25, 2005
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Well around last night when my friend at Hidden Valley called, and told me there was 2 inchs already, i knew today would be my first chance to go skiing in alittle less than 6 months. Left school at 11 oclock arriving at 12. Drive up was surreal, tree braches littering the road. Snow everywhere even on the road in some spots. I got there booted up and made way up Imperail. After the long and tedious hike, i click in to my metrons(yes i am deranged, and proceed to ski a FOOT of snow. Only to fall 3 turns later. Fall again on this run but i am smiling all the way.
Next run I take is stingray, make it down this one with out falling in the very heavy wet snow, skiing this stuff takes skills i didnt know i had, it does how ever get easier on steeper sections. Next run i make my way up to Thunderbird check out my glade diablo decide no way in hell i can make it though. Proceed to go down thunderbird which would of been my best run with slow Gs turns coming out of the snow but left a foot behin and went one footed for a good 30 feet though no fall though. Last run our SSD Joy finally makes it over and she takes all the picture from firebird, one fall from skis catching on grass i think, but these were the best turns of the day:). Anyways it was so much fun to ski today, if you go out dress lightly, eat tons of carbs, and if you go to Hidden Valley dont worry about you rskis, i didnt get single scratch on my metrons. [list] [list]
October 25, 2005
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Hey Bushwack, Those might be the first "in bounds" turns in the mid-atlantic. Way to go!!
October 25, 2005
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awesome dude. Nice turns, I can't wait to get some turns in hopefully soon. Congrats on first tracks of the season. So freakin jealous right now. To everyone else around the area come on with the pics already, need my snow porn.
October 25, 2005
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Those pics are BEAUTIFUL dude!! You are making me hate having a job more and more!!! Awesome turns.

JimK - DCSki Columnist
October 25, 2005
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October 25, 2005
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snowsmith - DCSki Supporter 
October 25, 2005
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Awesome -Bushwack!! And I'm here at work in Sparks, MD and I am very jealous. I'll be at HV this weekend but I am sure it will all be melted by then. You lucky SOB!!! Skiing in October in the Mid-Atlantic - who would have thunk.
October 25, 2005
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nicework bushwack! Awesome pics Thanks!
October 25, 2005
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Sweet! It sucks to be old and have to work.
October 25, 2005
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Those pix made my day...anybody that'll work that hard for a few slushy turns gets 5 stars in my book. And the non-skiers you relate your day to will just stare at you as if you just climbed off the short bus. Love to hear the tales of a fellow addict.... Kudos dude!!!
The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
October 25, 2005
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Really great pictures. I am jealous! And the grin on your face shows that all the work climbing the slopes was really worth it.
Wow, real skiing in the mid-Atlantic in October. Let's hope it is an indication of the winter to come!
The Colonel
October 25, 2005
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wrote by one of my ski buds just now
xmillerxxxx: hahah looks like you made about four people quit their jobs

glad you guys like, there might actually be more tomorrow, in the afternoon if it sticks around.
October 26, 2005
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lol i just relized i was so excited when i got home i wrote down the wrong date. It was the 25th not the 24th.
October 27, 2005
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Well how my life has change since tuesday.
1. Yesterday my webshots was overloaded with hits(3,751 views as off this writing)
2. I made the local news(well for like 5 seconds)
3. My ex actually talked to me(shes a skier)
4. People are really freaking jealous of me
5. I havent been happier in months

Skiing is the great sport in the world.:)

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