will technine toe cap fit on 2005 ride lx binding?
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October 22, 2005
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Hey everyone
i was wondering if the technine toe cap would fit on the 2005 ride lx binding?
October 23, 2005
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This is Greg from Willi's Ski and Snowboard. I'm not selling anything. Tech9 should be able to fit on any binding. They somehow share the patent with Burton. But nobody knows what "should" encompasses. We do not carry Tech9 but if you bring it in and ask for Todd. He can try and put it on for you. Or go to any Shop. BTW Toe Cap straps are awesome. You will love the extra control. Have fun
October 24, 2005
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I was kind of wondering how Burton had the toe cap straps since Tech9 had it the year before. One guy at a local outdoors store was trying to convince me it was Burtons creation and had just come out. He was telling me had had a new Burton Baron, top of the line Burton boots and bindings. I asked how long he had been riding, turns out never and he was going to Steamboat for the first time to learn. Had to suppress the laughter a little.

By the way Greg, love the store. Your guy's did a real nice tune on my wife's skis. My board is in right now for an edge and wax. Todd is great, knows his stuff and very helpful.

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