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October 20, 2005
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There's awlays some interesting info in these newsletters put out by Purple Fiddle:


Dear Fiddlin' Friends,

We are enjoying fabulous fall weather, with the leaves just
passing their peak here in Thomas, but the drive up the mountain is still
spectacular with some of the best color I have witnessed. The roads are
bordered and canopied with a breathtaking variety of foliage and views
of vistas around every other corner will certainly satisfy even the
seasoned leaf peeper. If you are planning a trip make sure at least one
of the drives is during the daylight, and 5 pm seems to be the best
time for that golden light that makes everything look so enchanted. I was
just informed that it also is golden in the morning light, but I have
never been either awake or coherent enough to notice.... So I guess there
are two windows of golden opportunity.

I spent the day in the garden, turning soil and preparing for winter.
Silas cried, I mean really sobbed, for the longest time when he
realized his garden wouldn't be back until spring, despite all my efforts at
explaining the reasons for the cycles and seasons. It was really sweet.
I understand how he feels, really. I hate to say goodbye too. But I am
planning all sorts of winter creativity to keep my attention and
captivate my spirit. I'm sure he will be equally absorbed in my projects; he
tends to be underfoot, and eager.

We are planning to build a Peace Garden on the side yard soon. We have
permission to allow beer and wine in the yard, once it is fenced. We
will be putting in a wrought iron fence, landscaping, painting a mural on
the retaining wall, and hopefully building a labyrinth in the center of
the yard. I am excited to design and work on this project, as we have
neglected the side yard for so many years, thinking we were eventually
building an addition. Instead we plan to roof or enclose a portion of
the yard and make the exterior inviting, without the expense of an
addition. It will offer more seating and table area, but also allows smokers
to be able to sit outside and enjoy their beer. We think it will be a
great improvement.

We will be getting a new shipment of T-shirts, short and long sleeved
both, and we are introducing several new colors, including brown
baseball T's. I know many of you
were waiting for shirts in the past week or two, and I want to let you
know they will be here and we can take orders over telephone or email,
and ship them if it is easier or urgent.

We have some new beers! We are now carrying Mountain State Brewing Co.
draft beers, which are made locally, right here in Thomas, WV. These
guys were brewmeisters in Baltimore and they know how to do it RIGHT... you
will not be disappointed. Be sure to check out their new place behind
Mountaintop at the top of the hill on 32 South. We also have a new Rogue
Chipolte Ale that has a nice mild bite, perfect for Halloween. Glow in
the Dark Dead Guy Ale still beats all for All Hallows.

If for no other reason to come out, you must see Silas' pirate
outfit, made from my old cotton lace nightgown and a black velvet
shirt, he is a sight. I hacked up my clothes and retrofitted them to fit a
three year old plunderer. My other kids are getting beyond wanting to
look like a mother had anything to do with their costumes, but Silas is
still delighted...

This weekend we have some awesome new talent on our stage - James Leva
and the Camp Mountain, a superbly talented bluegrass band; Jim Waive
and the New Divorcees on Saturday, the band John has been eagerly
awaiting for three months; and on Sunday evening, the Nate Clendenin Duo.

If you around next weekend for Halloween celebrations and you flaunt a
costume on either Friday or Saturday night, we will give you $3 off
your cover charge.

Be well,

October 20, 2005
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Thanks, John. Sounds as though there's a lot happening at the fiddle. Haven't been to the valley this fall but will be there either this weekend or next.
October 20, 2005
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i caught old school frieght train there this summer, awesome night,cool air, great music, cool people,

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