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johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
October 17, 2005
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There was an article about the Upper Potomac region of WV in last week's New York Times.

Warning: NYT makes you register before you can read the article:
October 17, 2005
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Bump for an interesting and beautifully written article.

While it looks like a travel article it really is an informal ethnography of the locals from the upper potomac river. The narative is a description of the people and places encountered on a journy form the fairfax stone to harpers ferry. The narative fails as a travel article and seems to miss the point that this area really does have a lot to offer for travelers. Instead the author focuses on "economic depression" and the loss of industry and population in the region. The subtext is that the environmental renaisance is as a result of biggest poluters (and employers) going out of buisness or leaving the region. Its a good read, but geared toward people who already know and love the area.

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