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October 13, 2005
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Saw this link on an MTBR forum... Men's Journal has ranked Davis WVA as one of the 10 coolest mountain towns in North America - along with (get this): Whistler, Telluride, Lake Placid, South Lake Tahoe, North Conway, Valdez, and Park City. Certainly, MJ stiffed a few notables to stuff Davis into their list like say Steamboat Springs, Stowe, Ketchum, Silverton, Durango, Jackson, er a list that can go on and on. Don't get me wrong, I like Davis a lot. But it ain't no Telluride, Conway, Ketchum or Steamboat. Trouble is I can't figure out who paid them off, could Sen. Byrd be at work in the background???
mens journal
October 13, 2005
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Tell me you wouldn't toss your job to live there and enjoy the good life!!!! Then again if you're going to do that, can you say "Park City"!!!!! I agree, I smell the Sentors involvement.
October 13, 2005
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Don't worry fellers, if Sen. Byrd was involved, Everybody'd know it; i'm just curious how they found davis wv in the first place. They're right tho, Davis, and Thomas for that matter, is a cool little town.
October 14, 2005
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Was thinking about driving up and staying a night. Does anyone know of a place to stay near Canaan? I check Travelocity in Davis but got no bites. Looking for a cheap/clean one nighter.
October 14, 2005
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I would think you could get a room at the lodge at either Blackwater Falls or Canaan Valley State Park; otherwise, Bright Morning Inn is nice (right in "Downtown" Davis). The Meyer House B&B (owned by DCSki board member "jonjon") is also in Davis - haven't stayed there myself. You might also try the Fiddler's Roost B&B in Thomas (about 3 miles north of Davis - it's owned by the folks who run the Purple Fiddle. Can't vouch for it though, but the Fiddle is probably the coolest mountain cafe/coffee shop/bar east of the Rockies (sorry, could not resist), so I think it's worth trying out - you need to like hippies though. You can google to get phone numbers for all of these places.

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