Best ski resorts near Quantico, VA/Washington?
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October 11, 2005
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Hey all. Brand new poster here. I will be moving to Quantico, VA for about 5 months in January. I am an avid snowboarder and plan on doing some boarding during my time in Quantico. i was wondering what resorts you guys could recommend to me that are nearby. I will only be able to ski during the weekends so I am looking for resorts that are nearby (2 hours max). I would prefer a resort that has a park, but that's not a necessity. Thanks in advance.
October 11, 2005
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There's no resort nearby. The big hills are at least an hour drive away from DC area. I guess Liberty resort and Whitetail resort could be reach in less than 2 hours from Quantico area.

Here's the interactive map showing the resorts --> MAP
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October 11, 2005
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I'd say first try Massanutten ski area in Virginia. On a quiet Sunday morning it's about 2 hours west of Quantico Marine Base via I95 south to Rt 3 west, then Rt 29 and Rt 33. It's near Harrisonburg, VA. It has a park and decent snowboarder scene. If weekend crowds get busy you can stick to the quad chair for reasonably short lift lines. You could also get to Whitetail, PA in about 2hrs and 15 minutes (on Sunday am) heading north on I95, then I270 west. It has a little more challenge than Massanutten.

If you're willing to drive 3 hours there are several additional areas you could reach such as Wintergreen to the southwest and Liberty towards north. See Searide's map

Welcome. Arrgh!
October 11, 2005
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Welcome to NoVa! Stop in Charlottesville for fun, and ski Wintergreen. Don't bother driving to the Southern PA (Roundtop, Liberty,'ll be board on your board in an hour!) stay on our side of the Potomac for the short trips.
October 12, 2005
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The only areas within 2 hours from Quantico would be Massanutten and Bryce with the nut having the only terrain of the two. Travel another 30 to 60 minutes and Wintergreen, Liberty, Whitetail come into the mix. If you make a weekend out of things, you have more and better options in Snowshoe (4.5 hours), Timberline Canaan, and Wisp (4 hours). Then there are the areas in the Laural Highlands of PA which are all within a reasonable drive. It all depends what you want and how much you want to deal with crowds. Saturdays are always crowded, but Sundays are another story.
October 14, 2005
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Welcome to the Mid-Atlantic!!
2 hours is tough. I'm in fredericksburg and I would say massenutten and Bryce are the only ones that close. I've never been to liberty or roundtop. However, the last time I went to bryce I got to 81 and thought only a couple more hours and I can be at timberline. I spent another two hors on the road, had a great day of skiing. Typically I drive over in AM(basically whenever I roll out of bed) takes 3.5 to 4 hours, I ski until late afternoon. Time dependent on ticket I purchased, but I usually wrap it up by 6-7pm. The late skiing is typically limited. I have a beer in the bar, sometimes two . drive back and am in bed before 11pm.
October 14, 2005
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I was discussing the Mid Atlantic skier shock syndrome with my wife at breakfast this morning and she reminded me that bryce is really closer to 3 hours away by the time you actually get all the way to the resort.

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