New T-line Trail.
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October 3, 2005
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Does anyone have a name for this trail yet?

Was wondering if maybe T-line would want to have a contest to let us skiers name the trail...Something like Who ever comes up with the best name gets a free lift ticket one day or maybe 20$ in food and drink or something...

Any thoughts?

I think there is already a "Timber Trail" at CV maybe...but I think that name would fit pretty good...Im also thinkin somethin simple like "Upper Winterset" or "Mountain Run" or better yet "Mountaineer Run" lol Roger and Murphy should like that one...
October 3, 2005
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Tline did run a contest two years ago when they added GladeRunner. They actually gave away one of the old double chair's from Silver Streak, and lift tickets or something for the contest winner.

As for names, I'm thinking "far side" (but Whitetail has that) or "Northwest passage". That's one 7Springs used to have years ago. I believe that was carved up several years ago. But, a play on your WVU idea how about "Mountaineer pass"?? All the Hokie fans are going to love that one
Roger Z
October 3, 2005
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Well, like the Mountaineers, it is rumored to be exceedingly dull for a long stretch, and kind of winds its way around tough spots without ever truly challenging those who attempt it.

Seriously, though, I thought I saw a name for the run on Timberline's website- or was it.. no wait... it was on Whitgrass's page. They have labelled it "Southern Comfort." See: .

Anyway, given Moonshine Mountain, all the talk about beer, harder liquors, and favorite drinking and driving games, I think it's a good, unifying name for a ski run. Maybe their next can be Jim Beam, then Jack Daniels, then George Dickle.... oooooh wait. Johnny Walker Red, Johnny Walker Black, and Johnny Walker Blue. You could line 'em up right in a row going from easier to hardest. Maybe you could pay extra for skiing 'Blue.
October 3, 2005
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Roger Z - shhh don't tell anyone. I'm a hokie fan, just don't want to upset the natives....they are feeling bad enough
I figured I'd through them a bone with the trail name, Tline is in their state
October 3, 2005
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And for those of us who can't get enough after 4PM - "Night Train" - skiing where the only thing lit are the skiers. (of course, it would be hard to distinguish from Timberline's officially "lighted" slopes.)
October 4, 2005
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Perhaps it should be called the "big slurpie." With it's southwestern exposure it will resemble one most of the time.

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