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June 25, 2003
So, I know I'm about 6 months ahead of schedule, but I figured it couldn't hurt to start asking now.

I'm a snowboarder who just moved to downtown DC and have been desperately trying to find some sort of public transportation route to ANY nearby mountain/resort. Metro, Greyhound, Amtrak, Anything! So far, I haven't had any luck.

I'm have very limited funds, no car, and noticed that the ski clubs do mostly long, expensive trips to far away locales.

So, I'm looking for either the public transportation described above, or a local club that runs day trips to local mountains pretty frequently throughout the winter without a huge basic membership fee.

If anybody has any useful information, I'd really appreciate it.


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June 27, 2003
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In Boston, where I grew up, Peter Pan Bus Lines would run a 4:20 AM bus from South Station to Mount Snow, VT. The bus arrived at Mt. Snow at 0920 and took you back after the ski day. I think a RT bus ticket, which also included a lift ticket, was $35. It was an awsome service for carless people like me.

This doesn't help you, but one thought did occur to me. There are a lot of privately owned commuter vans around town that no one uses on weekends. An enterprising soul could arrange to rent one of these vans on weekends and run day ski trips to Whitetail, Liberty, Wisp, or Blue Knob. Whitetail might sweeten the deal by giving van riders lift ticket discounts or better yet, giving the driver a free day ticket for bringing groups of skiers to the resort. Just a thought.

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June 30, 2003
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xcursion tours used to have weekly trips to various resorts leaving from various locations. I would always find they schedules in fliers at ski swaps.
I know they did a lot of trips to 7 springs.

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