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June 17, 2003
Hi All,

I have recently been for a boot fitting and tried several boots. I found a boot that seemed to fit well (Salomon X Wave 8.0) and would probably suit my skiing also. The only problem is I have a small foot and the boot is only available for my size in the "Ladies Version" not the "Mens" (only sizes 26 up shipped to Australia). I am fairly light (72kg) and have large calf muscles so the shorter inner may suit.
Anyway, my question is, are there major differences and would it be noticable in my skiing.

Thanks for any advice.

June 18, 2003
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I saw that you posted the same question over on . DCski doesn't see much activity during the northern hemisphere summer, so you'll probably get a better answer over on Epic.

OTOH, if for some reason you are particularly interested in bootfitting in the Washington DC area (for example, possibly visiting this area on a trip), there are discussions of this in the archives here, and I have posted the names of some great people at the "Ski Center" of Washington, DC over on the EpicSki List of Master Bootfitters.

Any more questions, feel free ...

Tom / PM

PS - BTW, we won't force you to wear those fluffy ear muffs mentioned on Epic - grin.

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