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September 20, 2005
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Since I have free lodging and now also a season pass I plan on spending as many weekends as possible at 7S. Can I break 30 days on Skis? I think so!

I am also planing a 7 day march trip to SLC with Queen. I have already done some research on pricing and stuff. I have talked to Johnfmha and tried to PM JohnL. But still need recommendations on where to ski and I am asking if the SLC Super pass is worth it. Also the stay and ski in park city are vs stay in town and drive to anywhere is now being discussed. I want to go somewhere that both queen and I can appreciate, ski together for the most part, and still have fun. We are both strong skiers however she prefers to avoid bouble black terrain, heavy moguls, and likes to alternate between groomed and ungroomed runs. I am getting increasingly comfortable on a variety of ungroomed terrain and I may end up trying some of the most challenging stuff if I feel on top of my game. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.

I will probably hit up Wisp for at least a day this winter. The add on is huge and I look forward to what looks like long direct down the fall line cruisers that cover a good amount (+500') of vertical. Something that wisp really doesn't have until now. That and the additional green terrain may make wisp the leading mountain in the area for rookie skiers and weekend warriors. They have really improved their appeal to the typical skier in this region. Bravo!

I also really want to hit BK at least once this winter, pending them opening their expert terrain. I need to cut my teeth once again on the best on piste black terrain this area has to offer.

And I plan on spending at least one late season weekend at T-Line. After skiing there for the first time last year I realize that no season is complete with out a little W Va powder
September 21, 2005
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Whistler, BC
Pico, VT
Powder Mtn, UT

in addition to the local hills.
September 21, 2005
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For Utah, stay in Park City for the best ski town experience. Rent a mid-size or smaller car. Check out (in decreasing preference) The Canyons, Deer Valley and Park City Mountain Resort (all are very close to Park City and there may be convenient buses you can take to the areas themselves.) For two days, drive to any of the following: Snowbasin, Alta, Snowbird, Solitude, Brighton. All of the drive-to areas have plenty of terrain variety, though Snowbird has the least amount of beginner/intermediate terrain. It does have a tram, which is relatively rare in the U.S. If it hasn't snowed in a while, expect Alta and Snowbird to have plenty of bumps.
September 22, 2005
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Hey Tim, my to do list is filling out nicely. Think i've found a nice deal on a season rental in CV that will afford the opportunity to make new friends, chase storms and hopefully get 15-20 days in down there.

Interested in a telemark "beginners clinic" that was discussed here earlier in the unseason and i'd like to take a bump lesson.

Definitly plan on checking out Wisp again this year and I really want to get to canaan valley missed them last year. Couple of days, midweek, at the shoe, I WILL SKI LAUREL MOUNTAIN this year, i'm an optimist and we'll get some sundays in at 7 springs.

Just got the word on Utah, leaving march 3, skiing SIX days this year. Today's the first day???of autumn, won't be long now .
September 22, 2005
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NEW BOOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My old Dalbellos leak like sponges. I just wish that I could find my old friends the Flexon Comps somewhere. Got enough skiis to trash this winter. Looking at a trip of some type, somewhere different. Will try to get my usual 40 to 50 days in, and, for once, be in shape for the snow so I dont't have jello legs during the first few weeks.
September 22, 2005
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1) Shoot for 20 ski days (again) this year - Mostly Tline
2) Skiing Blues with my 4 yr old daughter.
3) Hit Canaan and Whitegrass this year (missed both last)
4) One "unplanned" week snowed-in/telecommuting from the Valley
5) Weekend Skiing in CV/weekday cold-weather biking at home - trying to keep the 10 lbs I lost this summer ...well ... lost.
6) Cold beers and good cigars (I like Padrons, AVOs, and Buteros) on the deck at Timberline - basking in the late March sun and fresh snow (remember - 70" in March alone last season).
7) Try the whales and more woods this year.
8) How about a lesson? Haven't done that in way too long, I know I could use one.
9) Buy a taboggen - try the Blackwater Falls Sledding hill.
10) No trip out west (again) this year. Start planning one for next.
September 29, 2005
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I am also planing a 7 day march trip to SLC with Queen. I have already done some research on pricing and stuff. I have talked to Johnfmha and tried to PM JohnL. But still need recommendations on where to ski and I am asking if the SLC Super pass is worth it.

Having spent several weeks a season in Utah every year I can give you my favorite places to stay. Just divide your trip into two parts. I usually start up in te Park City area. Check around the website and look for units called Red Pines. They are at the base of The Canyons which is a huge resort which has a very cool surface lift from the parking lot to the base. It is never crowded and almost seems abondoned at times. You can easily ski Deer Valley, Park City and the Canyons from this location. They have a shuttle bus that takes you to all the resorts.

The second part of your trip should be at Snowbird / Alta. I stay at the Clif Lodge at Snowbird. You can usually get cheap rates if you book early and online and they have some great restraunts (The sushi bar on the top floor is probably the best ski food I've ever had). They have wifi and you usually get lift tickets that are valid for Snowbird and Alta (The resorts are connected).

There is no better way to finish your vacation than skiing at Alta and the Mineral Basin at the "Bird". Alta is better for intermediates/expert skiers. The Bird has no tolerence for sore legs. The Clif Lodge also has great hot tubs.

I generally spend 2/3's of my time at the SnowBird/Alta area.

Try to get out to Solitude one of those days too. It lives up to it's name and is always wide open. The eagle quad lift on the far right side of the trail map is never ever crowded and accesses black/dark blue/green terrain. They are always well groomed too. Make sure you try a pepperjack cheeseburger at the Sunshine Grill where you will always see a bunch of shirtless fat men sunning themselves no matter how cold it is.

If you have any Utah questions let me know.

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