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September 16, 2005
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Well, not sure of how reliable.....but acording to the newest Farmers Almanac, this winter in the East (including mid-atlantic) is supposed to be SEVERE in both temps and snowfall Lets hope they are right. Supposed 80% correct so they say.......
September 16, 2005
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To be honest it seems every year the Farmer's Almanac predicts colder than normal temps and a harsh winter and it doesn't always seem to be the case. I'm pretty sceptical of how accurate it will be.
September 16, 2005
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I buy a copy of the Almanac every year, but I do so mainly becuase I find it to be interesting/amusing, etc, and it's only $6. I'm very skeptical about their Winter forcast accuracy - I think it's just a marketing tool, albeit a marketing tool that is fun to read.
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