Wisp to Canaan Valley/Timberline
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March 21, 2003
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What are the roads like between McHenry, MD (Wisp) and Timberline? Mapquest recommends taking 219 S to 32 S and says the drive from McHenry to Davis, WV should be about 1 hour. Is this about right and are there other recommended routes?

(I may be going in on a vacation house near Deep Creek Lake and was curious what the other ski options would be in the area besides Wisp. Seven Springs also seems relatively close.)

March 21, 2003
it is an easy drive between Wisp and Canaan. the route you list is the best. 7 springs would be a bit further and not as direct....more chance of getting lost.
JimK - DCSki Columnist
March 21, 2003
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FYI: About 5 yrs ago I skied Wisp one day, then in the afternoon headed to Blue Knob area with intentions to ski there the next day. It wasn't too bad a trip up 219, although there were some sharp curves in a few places, took about 1.5 hrs or a little more, if I'm not mistaken, to get to Bedford area. BK definitely within striking distance from Wisp for a day trip. Have to pass fairly near Seven Springs/Hidden Valley area on the way to BK, so believe it should be even a little closer to Wisp.
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March 22, 2003
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The ride from Wisp to Timberline is about 45 minutes to an hour, depending on weather. It's not very hilly, but it is one of the least traveled routes from "civilization" to Timberline and as a result, I've heard that it gets less plow than 93 to Scherr or 33 to Seneca Rocks. However, Oakland hospital is the closest hospital to Timberline, so authorities have a pretty strong motivation to keep that road as clear as possible. The other major hospital, btw, is Davis Memorial in Elkins.

The other major attraction on the road is the Wal-Mart in Oakland. I suspect what JohnL wants to do is hit Wisp in the morning and then do T-line in the afternoon and evening. I think that is an entirely doable Mid-Atlantic ski safari.

March 24, 2003
That's the best route. I wouldn't try to do them both in one day this time of the year though. Especially considering that night skiing is done for Timberline.

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