New Freeride Ski Program at Blue Mountain PA
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August 24, 2005
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Blue Mountain Ski Area in the Poconos region of PA has started a new Freeride Ski Program. The program will start this ski season. Whether you are trying to learn your first 180 or perfect your 1080 for competition, this program is for you. People of all ages and freeride abilities are welcome. I have set up a basic site with information on the program.

Or you can email me with any questions you may have!
August 25, 2005
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Great idea for a ski program. Alas, for this VA resident, Blue is too long a drive for a weekly program. Plus, I don't know if my ego could handle getting shown up every Saturday morning by a bunch of teenagers...

Is Bill T. still coaching youth racing at Blue?
August 26, 2005
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I hear you. When I went to UM I drove up twice a week... I put like 36k on my car in one year.

The program is not only for teenagers. We have a couple of older coaches that will handle the people like yourself. The goal is to fill everone's needs not matter how big or small.
October 8, 2005
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We have added single weekend day seesions to the program. Check out the details at

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