Close encounters of the stanger kind
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August 24, 2005
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OK, Took a big digger in one of those corkscrews to the skiers right of the collins at alta.........popped over the top of a whale back and theres some european jerk waiting for a lift line to form , i guess, (sorry swimmer, but i am the ultimate ugly american) right where i'm going, it was either bail or make a new friend....all fall down, one buddy behind, we got separated from the rest of our group. Anyway, we get in the collins chair w/this other guy, i'm still digging snow, the three of us start the usual conversation, long u here for......where u been so far......Where are u from. He says back east, u've prolly never heard of it....Weirton WV. Well scott and i started laffing bcause this guy lives about 25 min north of us.....turns out ed is a ski patroller at the shoe, for several years....

So who's got a similar story they'd like to share? Elvis sightings, evel kenievel on skis, it's all good here!
August 24, 2005
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I've got a pretty good one too. 10 yrs. ago at Deer Valley I busted my leg up first day of my season (very early Dec.). My friends took me to the clinic in Park City and the Doc. looked at my info and said "Silver Spring huh?" I said "Yeah, why u know it?" He said "Yes, I'm from Rockville." No lie....

Not to mention how many people I've run into out west who have heard of or used to ski Liberty.
August 24, 2005
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This story doesn't have anything to do with skiing but it fits the theme of chance encounters. A couple of years ago my wife and I were traveling through North Alabama and we passed a car with almost the same license plate as ours. My wife's is LSU DVM (she's a vet) and this guy's was AU DVM, he was an Auburn grad. Well that's a pretty big coincidence in itself but the truly amazing part is that on our trip back home we passed the same guy on the interstate. To make it even more unlikely, we were taking a different route home and were 200-300 miles from the first place we saw him. Not as interesting as running into Elvis but it's pretty odd.

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