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February 26, 2003
It's only fair, since I complained in this forum about Whitetail running out of rental skis on MLK Day. I also complained to Whitetail (nicely, of course), and last week received an apology and some free lift passes. I haven't made it back to Whitetail, but took my kids to Wisp for two days at the end of January, and to Bryce a few Saturdays ago. After just one lesson and with some help from their uncle, an experienced skier, my 9 and 12 year old boys and I were able to ski down the green and some of the blue runs at Bryce. I am hooked, and so are they. Wish I had given skiing a try when I was younger, but, oh well...
March 3, 2003
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Newskier, it doesn't matter when you start, only that you now know. I first skied at 18 when I was in college. I liked it and had fun but did not ski between age 21 and 27. At 27, I returned to my college to ski one day just for the heck of it. I am now thoroughly hooked and addicted. At 33, I'm trying to become an 18 year old again.
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