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February 25, 2003
A group of us are planning to head to the Sods for a backcountry snowshoe and ski adventure. We are planning to head up Boars Nest Trail to the Pipeline, trade up to skis and come down the pipelin back to Lanesville. Any thoughts on road conditions or pipeline?
March 4, 2003
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I went snowshoeing during president's day weekend, and that's when we got 50+" of snow. The roads weren't plowed for a day or two or three, so we spent 3 days in a barn of some incredibly generous people who lived near the trailhead. Then we had to dig out a van which was parked right on the side of the road, and that one left, but the other car is still there, because the owner parked it 3/4 mile past the "no snow removal" sign.... we talked to the department of transportation there, and they tried to get up to the car with a grader, which only went a few feet... so apparently the car is gonna be up there till april or longer. My recommendation is to park on the main road, which is plowed first, and to park right next to the road. Also bring 4wd or AWD (i don't understand the difference between the two), and two or three shovels, depending on your group size. Have Fun!
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