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February 18, 2003
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Im going to head out for the weekend of my birthday (3/9). But I cannot decide which of these places I would like to visit. I haven't been to either since I was in high school (the last time I lived in MD). I was wondering if a few people could air their opinions as to crowds, good (cheap)lodging options, or anything else that may prove useful in my decision. Crowds are really my main concern here. If anyone is planning on being there maybe we can get together and make a few turns!
February 20, 2003
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You may get some info by doing a search on the resorts in the forum, but short of that I'll throw in a couple of thoughts.

7 Springs is much larger and more crowded, but if you ski on the back side of the mtn, the lines aren't too bad. 7 Springs is more of a resort than Wisp and there is a lot more to do.

The accomodations at Wisp are more modest, but cheaper. Wisp is less crowded, but there is less to do after skiing. They have a really nice bar though, with pretty good bar food.

Both will probably have similar snow cover, but 7 Springs does a better job grooming.

If crowds are your main concern, then I would go to Wisp. Have Fun!

February 20, 2003
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I will note my opinions of 7 Springs from a recent post...The runs are boring but wide. I actually like the terrain at Wisp much better even though its smaller.

A thing to remember about Wisp is that even though it doesn't have a lot of on location stuff to do, you do have the entire area of Deep Creek Lake to explore right there where there is TONS to do. GO Karts, mini golf, decent food, and nearby Oakland has movie theaters and such.

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