Catch of the Day - Ski Warning Signs
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JimK - DCSki Columnist
August 2, 2005
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Grand Targhee, WY (fatal attraction?):
Snowshoe, WV (everything's relative):
Taos Ski Valley, NM, (famous old warning sign, note steep trail in background):
Utah (two examples of Darwin's Law at work ): &
August 2, 2005
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Nice pic. I think its the top of millicent double and there is a bootpack to the top of millicent on the left of the sign and a track that heads towards solitude to the right of the sign. [image][/image]
JimK - DCSki Columnist
August 2, 2005
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Just to elaborate on the two "Darwin's Law" shots above from Utah; the first was taken at Brighton, second at The Canyons. The guys in the The Canyons shot appear to be a bit more responsible about skier/boarder safety. Their album also contains the following two images indicating that they skied through an area this past season that avalanched a half hour after they made tracks.
August 2, 2005
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yup ... Dutch's Draw. They took out that lower gate after it rolled ... those guys are typical of some of the dumb-a$$es on Jan. 14 when Dutch's decided to roll. Anyway now you have to hike about 7-10 minutes up to the high gate so at least it separates the wheat from the chaff a little. But there are nice runs off of it. Gotta know when and where, tho ......
Roger Z
August 2, 2005
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As always, great photos Jim! You're "catches of the day" are becoming one of the highlights of the board- for me at least (that and Denis' ski stories, especially the one with his grandson on Tuckerman's). Thanks!
August 3, 2005
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How about Jim and Scott get something setup on the frontpage that Jim has submissions every, few days? That'd liven up the frontpage a bit especially during the off season.

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