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February 18, 2003
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Well, after claiming that you'd be fine with a FWD car at snowshoe after a storm we wind up having a blizzard and I get stuck in Ohio of all places. The local sledding hill here where all the kids go has about a 6 foot vertical...and no, i'm not exagerating.

Basically, I was wondering if anyone had made it back from a ski weekend in WV yet and if they could give a little hint at just how majestic and how grand it truly was this weekend. I would say I'm jealous but when you get snowed in with your girl for a 4 day weekend (even if it is Ohio), you can't really complain.


February 18, 2003
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Would like to hear the scoop also. Must be some "unfortunate" souls that are still "stranded" there this week.
February 18, 2003
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Canaanman is just now back. Lots of snow. Drifts behind the cabin totaled about 5 1/2 feet. I'd reckon that maybe a total of 40-50 inches actually fell (before drifting). We were stuck a good solid 3 days in Old Timberline until the front-end loaders made their way up to our cabin. The snowbanks are about 6 feet tall. Timberline's midstation has no unloading ramp... it's just level.

If you are going up, have chains, shovels, lots of food, because it's gonna snow again this weekend.

February 19, 2003
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I just got back from Snowshoe on Tuesday. Took almost 7 1/2 hours to drive back (Rt66 and 28 were a little treacherous).

I was supposed to come home on Sunday. I have a FWD car and there was no coming down the mountain. Last count, I heard of 6 accidents on the access road to leave snowshoe.

I called my boss, explained I was snowed in at a ski resort, and skied for 2 more days. I have not heard the official count but it had to be around 40 inches. Lower Shay's was so sweet on Monday. Still had some icy spots but was nice. Grabhammer was probably the best black bump. Lower Ballhooter was in great shape (until Monday when they groomed it).

What a year this has been!

February 19, 2003
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About Snowshoe, the last time I was there was after a good snow and I think my favorite run was Knott Bumper/Glades. It was incredible. Nothing but powder, nobody on it, and the glades were untouched powder too.

I just got back from 7 Springs. I decided to stop in on my way back from Ohio this morning so i left real early and got in some good runs. The snow was getting a little slushy by afternoon but overal the snow was incredible. Goosebumps was all powder (much like Knott Bumper. I think i touched ice once on a bump.

One last thing, does anyone else find 7 springs terribly boring. The only thing that saved this place was Goosebumps and some really neat places for glades. Other than that, they pretty much cleared the entire mountain of trees. All the blacks and blues seemed to just be straight down the mountain where BIG swaths of trees were taken out.

Anybody been to nearby Hidden Valley? I was wondering how it.

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