Ski Chalet Sold At Auction
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July 28, 2005
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I copied this from another thread because it is important enough that all should be made aware of the details. It was posted by a frustrated bidder calling self "skibiz", a first time poster.

"All-- Ski Chalet was officially sold via court auction yesterday to an outfit called Sun & Ski Sports , out of Houston. As one of the parties who have been pursuing the purchase of Ski Chalet since January, this marks a point to turn the page and move on.

For me and others, this has been an arduous, frustrating (and expensive) process. I don't feel discussions with the sellers and their representatives have been on the "up and up" most of the time, but those I feel most for are the management (not owners) and employees.

I don't know what S&S's plans are for Ski Chalet and the "dilly" but I hear that Willy's and maybe other's might be entering the market.

Best of luck to those who have been a part of Ski Chalet (not necessarily the owners), -- maybe if and when I open a store on my own, I would love to have some of you work there."

Hope this ends up as good news for all the skiers in the area, and more importantly, for the former staff at Ski Chalet.
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