Timberline progress or not, Canaan progress yes
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July 27, 2005
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Just got back from a great weekend in the valley. Good golf and mountain biking. I also happened to get some inside info on the new trail at timberline. From what I heard the cutting of the new trail was put to a stop last week when the state came in and layed down the law. Apparently no one applied for some kind of permit and the state authorities shut the project down. From what I heard it seems as though that it wouldn't have mattered anyway-a reliable source tells me that the folks working on the new trail our concerned that there won't be enough downhill pitch after the new tunnel and that upper parts of the trail are way to narrow and steep. Sounds like another great act of foresight and planning by timberline management. If you ask me they need to get some folks in there that have a clue!

On another note Canaan seems to be adding some good stuff for the kids. They have added a paint ball court , a bungie cord like ride, and a little skate park. My kids had a blast. I also heard that Canaan is going to make their terrain parks a bigger priority this winter. Atleast one out of the two resorts in the valley is actually moving forward.
Scott - DCSki Editor
July 27, 2005
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Please don't take this the wrong way, but when I read your first paragraph, it had too many qualifiers to sound believable. Statements such as "from what I heard," "apparently," "some kind of permit," and "reliable source" are gossip phrases. I would prefer that people not spread rumors unless there are facts to stand behind them. What specific permit was allegedly not obtained? Is there a state official who will state the project was stopped? Who is the "reliable source?" (You'll never see DCSki quoting "unnamed sources" in news articles. If someone isn't willing to go on the record, you have to question their motives.)

- Scott
July 27, 2005
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sorry about the qaulifiers but I can't reveal the source..... erosion control permit.... and you can easily see the trail travel uphill out of the tunnel if you walk the trail(you can even kind of see it in the picture that is posted on the site)..as well as the width on the steeper sections.
July 27, 2005
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Just remember folks that the pitch/steepness of the actual ground doesn't always matter when it comes to a slope. The groomers can easily push snow around so that drops are steeper, pitch is greater, etc. Wisp does this every year with their Squirrel Cage trail. At the start of that trail the ground is really rounded out and flat. The base of the chairlift poles is equal to that of the middle of the trail. But during the winter they blow and blow snow, groom it over so that there is extra height and a greater pitch to the trail. You can notice this by riding the Chair 2-3 lifts and looking to your left. It looks like you are going below the snow line.

I wouldn't worry about the pitch of this new trail as much as I would possible revoking of a permit such as an eroision control one.
johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
July 27, 2005
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I contacted the resort's general manager, Tom Blanzy, about the issue, and received a response, which I posted in a new thread:

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