Seven Springs Construction Update and Pics 7-9--05
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July 13, 2005
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Went walking around the Top of Seven Springs to see what was happening this weekend and I found a lot of activity. To see the pictures of what I found follow the link.
Seven Springs Construction

Southwind at Lake Tahoe.
On this site I found that almost al the trees in the site have been torn down. They are in the process of running pipe between the Villages and Southwind so the top of the slopes on the front face are all pretty torn up. The trail between the six pack and Wagner slope was completely regraded with slag. Also the rope tow for the terrain park there was removed. Up near the top I saw some new snow making pipe and a few old rope tow towers. At the top of the Southwind there was a large mound of dirt that could potential be the top of the lift that is going to be placed in there.

New Slope
Well now for the exciting news, the new slope. I managed to walk the slope from top to bottom. At the top it runs away from Gunner and towards the Turtleneck Glades. The main pitch is a wide arc that ends along side the glades. This pitch was very steep. I'm talking potential double black but of course everything seams steeper in the summer so dint get your hopes up yet. No snowmaking pipe was placed yet but if the put it down the skiers left of the slope then Turtleneck should benefit from a healthy dose of over blow. This could result in the glades opening earlier in the season and being skiable longer. Essentially they will be putting in two trails over there because of this. As was mentioned before this slope ends on the flat in the middle of the mountain.

Great Western Territory
Not much new happening here. Nothing has been touched on that slope since the initial cut. However there is some good news. For those who have been wanting to see what this slope will look like I managed to get a picture of it from the distance. It can be found in the photo album I posted above.
JimK - DCSki Columnist
July 13, 2005
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Good job Shearer on the reports on Seven Springs & BK. Looks like good picture taking weather, but pretty warm for hiking.
I was camping in Shenandoah Nat'l Park on Sunday and Monday with two of my kids. On Monday we took an incredibly refreshing dip in the delightfully cool pool beneath the largest waterfall in White Oak Canyon.
July 13, 2005
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Thanks for the pictures Shearer (both BK and 7SP). It looks like a lot of grading work was done on the new slope in the 4 days between our visits. Also nice shot of Great Western. Did you take that from somewhere near White Mountain/Haseltine Hills?
July 13, 2005
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The Picture of Great Western was taken from the grassy peal that can be seen in my White Mountain picture. I don't know what it's called but the view from up there is amazing. It's the last high peak in the laurel ridge and from there you can see for hundreds of miles. I was up there because I had a theory I could see Pittsburgh from there on a clear day but unfortunately it was too hazy to see that day.

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