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February 7, 2003
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We are planning a trip to Seven Springs next weekend. What is the best/fasest route
from the Fredricksburg area.
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February 11, 2003
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I used to live down there, now live closer to city. I believe under most conditions best route is same one most of us would take. I95 north, then 495 over Cabin John Bridge and 270-70 north up to PA turnpike west (76), then use Somerset exit in western PA, then about 15-20 miles on country hwy. See resort profile in this website to get a link to seven springs website for more details (person at Turnpike exit toll booth can also help w/ last part).
2nd option: ONLY if you happen to be heading up from Fredbg in the heart of I95 rush hour; take 17 west/north to 15 north to I66west, then I81 north to 70west to Pa turnpike to Somerset exit.
February 11, 2003
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I can help you from the turnpike. I was just there over the weekend. Once you get off the turnpike, go to the second light. (One is flashing yellow) Then follow Route 31 West. It will make a few turns in Somerset. You will follow that around 10 miles out of town and then you will turn left at a campground. Then just follow the signs. You can't miss the signs. Have fun!
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