Geocaching...Anyone do it?
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June 23, 2005
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Since the forums are kinda slow...I was just wondering if any of you geocache...
If you dont know what it is a GPS treasure hunt game. Ppl hide ammo boxes, tupperware, plastic jugs full of odd and ends out in the woods and post the coords to it on a website. You download the coords and go find take one of the goodies and put something back sign a log book and you have credit for that find. Its a really cool little game...gets you out in the woods and exercising...most can be found with mountain bike too...and since this is a skiing website i have to point out that Canaan Valley has 4 or 5 in their park. One is at the top of the ski lift out behind the patrol hut a little ways....

It would be a nice one to find on skis...

Just wondering...ive been doin it for a few years now...Ive found some interesting things too...

here is the url... just put your zip code in and it will tell you how many are close to you and how far away they are.
June 28, 2005
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Yes I do geocache quite a bit. I 've done it by hiking, kayaking, snowboarding, wading/swimming, off-roading, climbing, mtn-biking and driving. I had so much fun snowcaching (snowboarding and snowshoeing) around ski resorts at Lake Tahoe last January. There are caches around ski resorts in mid-atlantic area and I ain't telling which one.

I wouldn't post info here about where the caches are since this is not an official geocache site with rules and stuff.
June 28, 2005
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Yeah i know what you mean...

The forums were kinda slow, and i know some ski resorts have a few caches in them...just wondering if anyone else knew about that great sport...

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