Trip Report, Mt. Hood, May 1-3
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Denis - DCSki Supporter 
May 29, 2005
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May 29, 2005
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lol I think I like Master's Ski Racing camp better ... lol your trip sounds waaaay too much work.

Our days was like this:

1) get up at 6:00 Am hung-over from last night.

2) Pee and get your stinky butt into your speed-suit

3) get your hefer-like feet into your too-wet ski boots.

3) grab your skis and make the Rowmark van to The Hood.

4) Sit you ass down next to a very bright-eyed Hillary Lindh and jam eggs, bacon and whatever down your throat with coffee and try to hit-the-head before skiing (get your business done *NOW* or forever hold your poop).

5) Try to feel agressive @ 7:00 am with other racers out to eat your heart beating while riding up the lift (the Korean Youth Slalom Team was brutal)

6) Boilerplate warm-up ... Olle says ".. ya go and get warm" ... like that is going to happen unless I hit (I mean like sex..dummy) a female junior US Ski Team member at this point.

7) Olle says at 9:00 AM "hey bring up a 30 lbs bag of salt on your shoulder and help us drill and set the course ..." ok you're the man and I have not a brain to do anything else ....

8) ski an array on confusing gates with some insults from coaches ..."hit them with your butt ..." I'd rather have the 22-year-old women's GS racer hit me with something else and I wonder "gee do my 'nads look rightly-big in my speed-suit ... better get the sock!!!"

9) We eat Chocolate and fig-newtons because Olle is cheap....

10) I make an amazing run and all the women in the camp start to flirt with me ... alll 2 of them. I think to myself ... yes I will get laid but that is but of course a pipe-dream ....

11) I am only 1 second behind Harrold that best skier in the G.S. so I call it a day and ski down goop and feel happy...

12) I get into the hot-tub with the wife of Carl and she is looking good .... try to show off my "awesome" body plus my sexy piercings to no avail ....

13) went to Gov't Camp to get hose'd up but to my surprise I can't get a good dringk ....

14) Hang out with some riders and ingest unknown substances ..... wake up the next day to the tune of my room mate flushing the toilet at 6:00 AM ... gotta make the van TO The Hood ... put my butt in my stinky speed-suite again and wonder if I am going to make the van to The Hood again ... my head is killing me.... geee if i SKi good again maybe tonight I can get laid ... if I am not too drunk ... did I beat Harrold? Olle says I have a lot to learn .... I think he is right!

..,ugh !~!!!
May 29, 2005
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Dennis - great awesome pics!

Crush - you are wheat among the chaff...
Denis - DCSki Supporter 
May 30, 2005
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I've done the race camp thing too. Fun comes in many forms. It's all about having fun.

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