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January 25, 2003
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It seems the time is right to find out from our collective genius where to and where not to eat in and around the WV resorts.
So please add any input and enlightenment on your wild and wonderful dining experiences.
January 25, 2003
The Red Fox at Snowshoe is absolutely the best restaurant- somewhat pricey but worth every penny.
January 25, 2003
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A genuine 11! I lived in Europe for 25 years before returning to the US 3 years ago, and I have to say the food at the Red Fox is the finest I have tasted since returning stateside. Quality, preparation, presentation are superior. The bill will put a serious hole in your plastic especially if you add a couple of bottles of the top class wines available. But, it's truely a dining experience par excellence.
Warning: Book your reservation well ahead of time because the place is very popular and space is limited.
January 26, 2003
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At Snowshoe we have found that auntie pastas stunk! Pizza at the Junction was very good. The other place owned by foxfire was good and the Inn at snowshoe was extrordanarily mediocre.
In canaan valley Sirriani's gets 4 stars for food and atmosphere. The purple fiddle in Thomas get 4 stars for both plus they have great entertainment and homemade icecream. The menu is pretty limited, mostly sanwiches and soups.
Deerfield Village restaraunt I would give 21/2 stars for food 4 for service. If the food was not as pricey for what your getting it would rate a little higher.
johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
January 27, 2003
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For the drive:

Uncle Tucker's just outside of Cumberland on Naves Cross Road: excellent wood oven pizza--every bit as good as Pizzeria Paradisio in DC.

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