Seasonal Snowfall Totals going up!
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April 22, 2005
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After viewing several weather services, it appears that the mountains of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and on into New England will receive a boost to their seasonal total. Davis WV is expected to get 6", meaning that the valley should benefit from even more accumulation. White Grass may be in business again on Sunday... What does Chip say? "all this snow and somebody has to use it"
April 22, 2005
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Im not sure about the 6" deal. Last local forecast i heard was maybe a dusting. But im down around 2000 feet or so. The valley wont get much more than 3" if that. But its still a few days away, anything could happen. Highs this weekend 50's sat, mid 40's sun, 30's sat night, low 30's sun night.
Ive traded the huntin clothes in the closet for ski's already. My season is done. Turkey season starts monday. I might have to get out my ski's to find a place to hunt if we get as much snow as you say we're gonna get. I know one thing, i wish we would have had 40's weather in december and january. The hot temps in the middle of winter sure shortned the ski season a bit.


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